Hazlewoods celebrate 50 years

Tom and Gail Hazlewood are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
Thomas Calvin Hazlewood and Gail Borden Gumm were married at University Christian Church in Fort Worth, Texas, on Jan. 20, 1968.
Tom is the son of Calvin and Mary Hazlewood. Gail is the daughter of Mary and Charles Gumm Jr. Both Tom and Gail are descendants of some of the First Families of Texas.
Tom and Gail first met at McLean Junior High in 1958. Both are Paschal graduates. Tom and Gail both attended The University of Texas and Texas Christian University. Gail is a UT graduate and Tom is a graduate of TCU. Both have several other educational experiences including teaching and student scholarship.
Gail wore a veil she purchased in Belgium on a summer trip. Gail's sister, Laurie Gumm Davenport; Tom and Gail's daughter, Mary Hazlewood Barkley; and several other family and friends have worn the veil, too.
Tom and Gail's daughter, Mary Hazlewood Barkley, is married to David A. Barkley and they have two children, Sarah Elizabeth Barkley and Thomas Hix Barkley.
Tom and Gail have enjoyed travel in Central and South America, East and Western Europe, China, Asia and the Caribbean. Tom's flight training and seaman education gave them the freedom to travel and fish throughout the United States.
Gail has been an educator and taught and mentored to many.
Tom worked in engineering, real estate, taxation and went on his own in 1981. He has been a long-term mayor of Cleburne and has served the city and county for over 40 years.
Gail and Tom have been involved in education, just like their parents. Their efforts have been used to help establish the Johnson County Campus of Hill College on the land given by the Mayfield Family. Tom is President of the Foundation. Tom and Gail have enjoyed hosting foreign exchange students from all over the world. The Hazlewoods are proud to have established the Hazlewood Barkley Foundation which has funded students at the Texas Tech University at Cleburne campus. The first scholarshipped student is soon scheduled to graduate.
Gail and Tom still are active in business and education. Gail is a member of many social organizations.
Tom and Gail attend First United Methodist Church.

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